The American-Thai Foundation Fellowships are an opportunity for graduates of Stanford University to work with the American-Thai Foundation and Yonok Foundation toward the improvement of education in Thailand.

A major initiative of the foundations is Teach Thailand Corps (TTC), which recruits graduates of American colleges and universities and places them in underserved schools in Thailand to teach English, as well as to apply other relevant skills and fields of interest.  TTC aims to bridge a key aspect of the discrepancy between underserved rural schools and their wealthier urban counterparts—specifically, the program targets the crucial gap in English-language education, while also offering an overall enhancement in the quality of teaching and community/school involvement that TTC teachers bring.  TTC teachers thus have a unique opportunity to not only provide excellent teaching, but also lay a sound foundation for education of children and development of communities that will transform the trajectories of such children’s and communities’—and impact Thailand’s development—in profound ways. In return, the teachers spend an enriching and life-changing time living, contributing, and learning in Thailand as they lay the foundation for their future career endeavors.  Fellows will also have firsthand exposure to international development in the midst of the dynamic and rising ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region.

The fellow’s responsibilities will be twofold.  Like the TTC teachers, the fellow will teach English in a school in a less-developed province in Thailand.  In addition, and importantly, the fellow will work with school administrators, academic affairs officers, and the English department and teachers to fundamentally and profoundly improve the way English is taught, in order to make teaching and learning more effective. The fellow’s findings and recommendations will help inform and enrich ongoing efforts to improve English education in Thailand.

At the office, the fellow and will work with, supervised and mentored by Dr. Nirund Jivasantikarn and foundation staff in improving communication Internet and information technology, conducting foundation and grants research, and helping Teach Thailand Corps Teachers recruit.  

The foundation will provide the fellow with round-trip airfare from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Bangkok; domestic work-related travel; safe, comfortable, convenient housing; and a monthly stipend for living allowance and incidental expenses. A work permit and visa will also be provided, as will TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training.  Upon arrival in Thailand, the foundation will provide language and culture orientation and training.

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or higher in any field from Stanford University.  Preferred qualifications would included courses taken from, or work with, a professor in the School of Education.  Applicants from an honors program in education or with a minor in education will be given special consideration. Fellows are expected to have and have demonstrated effective human-relations, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, research experience, good computer skills, and be well-versed in the use of internet and social media for communications.  The fellow should be a citizen of the United States.

Other qualifications:

Additional benefits of living in Thailand:

We ask that each candidate submit an application package, which includes the application form, resume, recommendations, academic transcript, and a cover letter stating the candidate’s purpose, motivation, and qualification for position. The selection process involves the review of the application package and subsequent interview 

The fall-cycle application deadline is December 31; the spring-cycle deadline is March 31.  Most candidates apply in the fall cycle for early acceptance and preparation for Thailand.  All fellows will arrive together in Thailand following graduation for two-week orientation and training before beginning teaching later in June.