Mission and Impact

Our Mission

American-Thai Foundation’s mission is to support education, health, and public and civic affairs in Thailand and to empower underprivileged Thais and future leaders through education.

Our Impact

In 1988, American-Thai Foundation and Yonok Foundation founded Yonok University in Lampang, Thailand, the first four-year liberal arts university in that Northern province.  The University provided youths in Thailand, many of whom would otherwise not have had the opportunity, with access to—and oftentimes, funding for—quality higher education in their home region.  The Foundation has enabled low-income students to pursue higher education and to bring about positive change in their respective communities. 

From its inception, American-Thai Foundation has worked with Yonok Foundation to make a significant impact in Thailand, particularly in underserved schools, communities, and provinces.  In the two decades since the founding of the University, we have continued to make social change through education-centric programs such as scholarships, educational exchanges with universities in various countries, advocacy, and literacy campaigns.

Our Latest Initiative

Teach Thailand Corps, launched in 2011, aims to empower Thai students with English proficiency by placing passionate and skilled American teachers in schools in less-developed provinces throughout the country.