Short-Term Volunteer Program

Short-Term Volunteer Program for Americans

(For Thai citizens who wish to volunteer, please click here)

American-Thai Foundation and Yonok Foundation of Thailand Present an Opportunity to Volunteer in Schools in Less-Developed Provinces in Thailand

Teach Thailand Corps Short-Term Volunteer Program is a flexible short-term volunteering opportunity that can be tailored to each individual volunteer’s circumstances.  The program suits current undergraduate and graduate students, school teachers, and those with other obligations that may prevent them from participating in the full-year Teach Thailand Corps program (please visit the main page for details on that full-year program).  Volunteers will be placed in schools in less-developed provinces of Thailand and will engage in teaching at the K-12 level for an agreed period of time. 

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help improve the lives of Thai students and local communities in ways that will have an impact on the country's continuing development, while gaining an enriching experience working and living in Thailand.  Teach Thailand Corps provides an excellent foundation to support your goals of personal and professional development, in preparation for your future career.


  • A bachelor’s degree in any field, or current enrollment in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Strong communication/interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to establish positive relationships and be constructive team player
  • Proven ability to be creative, energetic, and enthusiastic in a variety of settings and to be adaptable to new environments
  • Teaching experience and ESL (English as a Second Language) or TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) strongly recommended
  • Experience living/working in a foreign country desirable
  •  Arts, music, and athletics/sports ability helpful but not required 
Application deadline: Rolling and year-round

Time during which volunteer period falls: Within the Thai academic year (June to March); duration/dates would be tailored to each volunteer’s circumstances 

The Foundation will provide: Identification and selection of school; housing information and guidance; work permit and visa if required for the specific duration of stay; and orientation

Volunteers will be expected to:

  • Arrange for travel and living expenses, including housing.  Meals, transport, and incidental expenses cost about 200-350 baht (US$7-10) per day.
  • Participate in orientation prior to beginning of teaching.
  • Cover other costs, including: work permit and visa if required (approx. 7,000 baht/US$200); administrative fees and transportation (approx. 7,000 baht/US$200); and cultural events and excursions as relevant (approx. 7,000 baht/US$200) 

Additional benefits of living in Thailand:

  • Opportunities for travel/internship in various fields of interest, including social work, business, medicine and public health, and international development, during breaks or after end of year
  • Enriching language and cultural experiences
  • Immersion in an area endowed with rich culture and history and natural beauty
  • Convenience to travel within the country and to other countries in the region
  • Low cost of living—typical meals range from 20 baht to 40 baht (approximately $1); sit-down restaurant bill averages 100 baht ($3)

Please submit your application (application form can be downloaded from the below link) and/or questions to

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